What is the club?

The club holds around thirty competitive events of various types, and another dozen non-competitive days out. We host events jointly with other clubs and organisations, and attend a wide range of other inter-club events, such as the 3-day National Rally. It is possible to enjoy off-road motor sports with the Club virtually every weekend of the year. We offer driver and marshalls training, including the use of 2-way radios, safety and vehicle recovery. Our telephone hotline gives 24-hour, 365-days-a-year, news of the latest forthcoming events and a bi-monthly magazine keeps you all up to date.

We reckon we are the best value and probably one of the cheapest forms of motor sports. Certainly we are the most adventurous and exciting. Events are held all over South and Central Scotland , with occasional forays further North.

Road Taxed Vehicle trials: (RTVs) An event intended to be non-damaging. Set out over sections of rough ground but designed for drivers not possessing a modified vehicle. An event which is ideal for beginners. Towing hitches and a throttle safety spring are the only extras needed.

Competitive Safari: (speed races) A race against the clock, round a cross country circuit of several miles of rough terrain. Full safely equipment of roll cage; seat harness; fire extinguisher; recovery points; rope; cut-out switches; throttle springs; door nets; helmets and competition licences are necessary, as laid down in the R.A.C.M.S.A and A.R.C. regulations Some very powerful and highly modified vehicles take part in this spectacular sport. More excitement than a rally stage for a fraction of the cost.

Cross Country Vehicle Trials: (CCVs) A non-speed event comprising a number of sections set over difficult ground and to be driven as far as possible without stopping or hitting the markers. Penalty points are awarded on a reducing scale, depending on the distance achieved. A roll cage and safety & recovery fittings are required.

Green Road Runs: A non-competitive outing exploring tracks, mountains and wild country otherwise only seen by hikers and hill-walkers. Usually suitable for all normal vehicles and sometimes needing a little mutual help on the trickier parts. These are a great day out for the whole family.

Planning and permission for these trips are organised by Club specialists and they are held at regular intervals throughout the year.

The Social Side: Family fun weekends, film or video shows, dances, and stands at Vintage Shows are all regularly organised. We also organise Driving days, where you can drive across cross country all day, without the pressure of competition, and get advice if you want it. Camping and Caravanning are also a feature of many of our weekends. Children are welcome and some special events are set up specifically for them.